Thursday, February 10, 2011


This week has been pretty straightforward as far as classes and the new home-life go. Myself and the other students found another grocery store that has a lot of different types of food (including American brands!) that can satisfy anyone’s taste buds. The only downfall is that it is slightly more expensive. Speaking of grocery stores, peanut butter is not at all as popular in Germany as it is in the states. The only container I can get is a tiny jar which only lasts for a few days (assuming you eat PB&J everyday). It’s definitely one thing that’s going on my wishlist from home.
The highlight of my week has been going to Copenhagen, Denmark. It was originally only a few students going but the group quickly grew to 16 in total. We woke up at 4:00 in the morning so we could get to the airport in time for our flight. It only took an hour to get there and we had sunny weather all weekend (something that appears to be a luxury in Eastern Europe until spring officially arrives).

Copenhagen must be one of the nicest cities in Europe. Everyone there was extremely nice and helpful. On a few separate occasions a Danish would walk up to us and ask if we needed help with directions while we were on our way to the Carlsberg brewery, which houses the largest beer bottle collection in the world!

We also managed to check out the royal palace and the oldest working observatory in Europe (which also gives you a 360-birds eye view of the entire city). The most notable place in Copenhagen was Christiania, an anarchists commune that officially separated in 1989 when supervision of the area was passed on from the state of Copenhagen. Christiania has many different laws and a much different way of life than what is normally expected. My friends and I arrived early in the morning when things were just opening up on the main street. We walked all around into the back of the community where things are more residential. The mornings are peaceful here because there are no cars or loud machinery to ruin the silence.

Back to Berlin!

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  1. Hi Evan,

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Berlin and are settling into your home. I have not been to Copenhagen yet, but I have heard it's a beautiful city- much like you described. When does the soccer season start???

    Take care,